This is How it all started….

Let’s take a trip down the Memory Lane…

From Childhood I have been very different from the rest of my classmates. My mom always narrates this story of how on my first day of School, I was the only kid who had a big smile on her face. The other parents were seen struggling with their crying ones.

Up until high school, I used to be that kid who would be one of the popular backbencher kids but spoke the least. I always had my guard up while interacting with people and let’s just say my interaction skills barely existed. Little did I know that entering high school would be one of my most life changing phases.

I had everything :

✔ Supportive Parents

✔ Cool Friends

✔ Loving Teachers

✔ Talent & Skill


I was a regular athlete for Sports Activities and represented my School being the only girl member of my Music Band in Fests. Scored around 70 – 80% marks overall and was always trying out new extra curricular activities.

On the outside, My Life looked like a Party !!!

But what was hidden from everyone was that I also had :

✖ Low Self Esteem

✖ Lack of Confidence

✖ Insecurities

✖ Peer Pressure

I started working on Myself ! My biggest Fear was the Insecurities I held within my Heart. All the things I was ashamed of being, but knew were the best representation of my True Self.

From Telecalling, to Designing, Operations to Marketing – I pushed myself into uncomfortable zones. Started improving my Personality, Speaking Skills and eventually found myself on the other end of the classroom as a Trainer.

Learning and Observing along the way I started “Sonali The Endless River” a representation of my Personal Brand.

I use my Brand to share my knowledge through Books, Blogs, Videos, Seminars and Various Online Platforms to educate the Youth on People Skills, with the Purpose of instilling qualities like Courage, Confidence, Hard Work and Faith.


1. Trained more than 100+ individuals using Online & Offline Platforms & Mediums

       2. Featured as a Guest on ‘Ordinary People doing Extraordinary Things Podcast’ : Listen to it here

 3. Invited for an AMA (Ask Me Anything) Session on India’s Largest Digital Marketing Facebook Group (1.15 Lakh Members)

       4. Speaker at Josh Talks (video to be released soon)

5. Wrote my First Multi-Author Book : Power Up Super Women

       6. Held Seminars & Workshops at EXIN (One of Kolkata’s Leading Design Institute in business since 1986)



‘Ridiculously efficient’ is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about #sonalitheEndlessriver” keep it up…laughing

Gunja Sett Chandra

Entrepreneur, Graphic Resources

You are everything one could look for in a good mentor. You groomed me to be sound professionals. It would be impossible to count all the ways that you have helped me in my career innocent

Arijit Adhya

Senior Trainer


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3. #SonaliReads : Book Reviews

4. Hindi Motivation Series

5. Bengali Motivation Series

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