Social Media has nowadays become ‘Show-off Media’. Scroll through your news feed and most of what you’ll see are people buying expensive things, lots of boozing and partying, smoking weed, holidaying and getting cosy with their partners. That’s more than 90% of what you find in any platform at any given time. If all that doesn’t result in #FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) then what will ?



In this Story I mention that I will be clearing out clutter from my Instagram Account meaning Unfollowing people (who I’m currently following) and being very specific with people I decide to follow in the future.


The Criteria on which the above two activities will be done are :

  • Inspiration
  • Education
  • Entertainment


I spend a ton of time on Social Media, primarily because of Work and secondarily because I love it. That is the time in which I can interact with my family, hang out with friends and do anything traditionally ‘social’ but I choose to spend it looking at other people’s lives (that’s what we actually do isn’t it?)

The type of Content they post knowing unknowingly have a much deeper effect than it feels like. Let’s see how :


When we watch someone’s post on any platform either or all of these three things happen in our minds,

  • We want to become who we watch
  • We want to do what they do
  • We want to have what they have


This is Major! More than our surroundings, what we consume on the net impacts us. And consistently consuming such content will absolutely mess with our heads.

Every other person majorly between the age of 13 – 27 feels left out. They feel like their friends and random people on the internet have a much better ‘Life’ than they have.  Research shows that 1 out of every 5 young people lose sleep cause they constantly keep checking their phones in the middle of the night.

Are you one of them? Ask yourself these questions and Find Out :



What type of Accounts do you follow the most on a Daily basis?

  • Friends & Family (people you know personally)
  • Celebs, sports stars, TV personalities, Public Figures (in short famous people)
  • Pages (memes, quotes, products, services, travel, pets, babies etc)
  • Couple pages
  • Fan fiction



How does it make you feel? (pay attention to it…be true to yourself)

  • Anxious
  • Unhappy
  • Envious
  • Mentally Comparing yourself to them
  • Happy
  • Positive
  • Inspired
  • Fired Up



  1. Go on Facebook / Instagram (the one you use the most daily)
  2. Check your newsfeed and make note of the first 10 posts
  3. Do the same for stories (if you follow that daily)
  4. Write which category they fall into based on Question One
  5. Write how that post/story made you feel based on Question Two


For Ex :

Post 1 = picture of my friend vacationing on a beach


Feeling  A – wow that looks expensive, I haven’t been on a holiday in a long long time, maybe I should start saving, has she been working out….etc


Feeling  B – This is such a beautiful picture, she deserves this holiday after so much of hard work, I’m totally gonna ask her for some tips to get into shape

One Picture = Two ways in which it can make you feel.



Most people post about their good days!

  1. Who pays the bills?
  • If it’s them…all you see is the Tip of the Iceberg. Just because they do not show themselves slogging at work 80% of the time you think their life is a bed of roses based on the 20%
  • If it’s not them. Who are you envying? People who need their parents to fund their fancy desires? Do you really want to be one of them?


  1. Everyone has good and bad days. Them not showing it doesn’t mean God has been unkind to you. Be Practical!



  1. Inspiration : Does that post motivate you to be a better person? Does it makes you feel good about yourself? Does it make you happy and positive? (even a selfie with a smile counts)


  1. Education : Does the post teach you something? Does it give you tips, tricks or hacks to do something? Does it solve a problem? (doesn’t have to be a huge problem…simple things matter)


  1. Entertainment : Does it make you feel relaxed, happy, joyful ? Does it take your mind off a bad day? Does it change your mood and energize you? (funny filters & captions should definitely be considered)




If he/she is your childhood friend but is constantly putting out sad and heartbreaking quotes that make you emotional and takes you back in a bad place…you do not have to prove your ‘Loyalty’ by following her on Social Media.

Save yourself the torture and hit that unfollow button. Understand this, hitting a simple follow on someone’s profile isn’t so small. You are handing them a key to Influence you, the Power to make you feel a certain way.


Now the choice is yours to make :

  • Will you keep on following people who make you feel worthless?


  • Will you be positively be Impacted by the ones who Inspire, Educate and Entertain you?


“I Appreciate Your Time”

– Sonali The Endless River



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