Today I’m gonna share a Blueprint. A formulae that I’m very proud of! Around Nov-Dec 2017 I made some goals for 2018 and swore that no matter what happens I will take my Life in a different direction. And so I did.

2019 is here and now that I have tasted what I needed to…I’m going all in. Only this time, I am taking you along with me. One of the things that I am highly addicted with is people coming up and telling me, ‘You made my Life better’

This gets me like nothing else does. The fact that my advice or my companionship made that Person more of them and less of what they used to be (just to please others) makes me extremely Happy and Content!

What is a Goal :

A Goal is something you want to achieve for Yourself first and then for the others who are connected with you. A Goal is becoming what, who and where you want to be, when you take your last breath & die without any regrets or wishing for another life. A Goal is not only ‘one thing’; it is a combination of ambitions and passions connected to one another pertaining to different spheres of your Life.

  • To be Happy
  • To make your Parents proud
  • To find ‘the one’
  • To be Financially Independent
  • To travel the World

For me, my Goal is to Live a Life of FREEDOM which doesn’t come at the cost of someone else’s Happiness. Freedom to do and be what I am and what I want without any regret of not being able to fulfil the other roles that I hold. To do Work through which I can speak my Truth to people. So that they take Inspiration from How I ‘actually’ am and get courage to be more of them.

I have always been loved in my family for just being Me and when I stepped out into the world, I started changing myself to fit how others defined me. Now, my Goal is to make everyone ‘LOVE’ me for being Me and not anyone elses Version of Me.

Importance of Goals :

Without having a Plan how would you ever know where to go? Life is very unpredictable, but that doesn’t mean we stop yearning to be better each day. I am a big believer in writing down stuff and literally putting all the puzzle pieces in front of me. You can be someone who can plan using other means like a Calendar or a Vision Board.

But if you want to be someone in Life and reach somewhere in Life, it cannot and will not happen without knowing what to do, how to do, where to do and when to do.

Types of Goals :

Let me just tell you how I have segregated my Life in terms of Goals. I keep on making changes as per the results and situations –

1. Long-term Goals / Macro Goals : The Ultimatum, the Result, the Legacy. For you, your family, your love life, your business, your career and everything else that matters to you.

For me :

  • Making sure my Work changes people’s life for the better
  • Making sure they know me and love me for me
  • Building a beautiful Mansion for my Mom and my Family
  • Gifting my Sister everything that she has asked for
  • Travelling the World
  • Sharing a Home with my Better Half and a bunch of puppies
  • Remembered by People forever for being Good after I’m gone


2. Short-term Goals / Micro Goals : The short stepping stones that lead to your main goal. No one wakes up one fine day having achieved all that they wanted. It takes a series of dedicated efforts to get there.

For me:

  • Working on my Business & Client Handling
  • Saving Money and minimising all unwanted costs
  • Producing Daily Content for my Brand
  • Bettering my Skills and Learning new things
  • Spending time with Family
  • Building Connections
  • Consistently Pushing myself towards Optimism & Discipline
  • Taking care of my Health & Wellness


Jotting down all that you wish to achieve is almost a no brainer. The tough part is making yourself do the things you need to do. I wake up every day and either make a To-Do list or remind myself what all I need to get done today.

Make a Daily, Weekly and Monthly Routine. All through the Week, what all are you going to do. Make sure there’s one activity for every macro/micro goal in your life.

For Example : Every Morning I am going to Exercise for 30 mins without fail.

Time Management

24 hours is a really short time if you do not maximise every second. 6-8 hours of sleep, 4 – 6 hours of defaults (eating, travelling, escapism) and now you’re left with 10-12 hours.

  • Divide those 10 hours to do 10-12 tasks a day. Be fast, use a timer if needed.
  • Sit with everything you need – notepad, charger, snacks, water etc.
  • Avoid all kinds of distractions – keep your phone on vibration, mute the WhatsApp groups, isolate yourself.

Goal Monitoring

Try to keep a track of the daily tasks and how much you’re able to complete them. If something is not adding up, try finding a solution or an alternative way to do it. Be Disciplined.

I usually try to maintain an excel sheet or a Diary where I audit my activities daily. I also am making it a routine to check my progress every month.

Rewards & Punishments

Everyday isn’t the same. While some days I am pumping out energy and up till 4 am working without feeling tired. Other days I feel sleepy working on the bed or have an overall slow performance resulting in a ‘not-so-happy’ output.

I have been building myself to be strict and sometimes pretty rough when the tasks for the day are not done. I allow myself to take a mid-day nap or watch some extra videos or take a walk, but only knowing that I will have to give up 1-2hours of sleep. Most times I multitask, while others are watching a Sunday Movie, I sit along with my Laptop & balance. No matter what, the only thing I keep in mind is that I will have to get the work done and then pack up.

So, yes when you do well for a couple of weeks or months. Reward yourself however you want. For me, it is as simple as watching a movie at home or having a cosy evening with friends. But when you do not perform your best, do not hesitate to punish yourself and recover the loss.


Your Dreams are your dreams. They are not your parents’ or your partners or your friends or your social media followers’, but only yours. So it is you who has to take the responsibility. If you lose, please do not blame it on that one evening with Friends or that one hour extra talk with your Mother.

Take the Blame and take the Responsibility on yourself. Playing the blame game is so easy. But 5 years down the line when you are still stuck at level 1, guess who you will blame? Ans : Yourself. So do that Right Now!

2019 is here and let’s not forward the same Quotes and Status of how you will make this your year and how you will do this and that. The moment we reach mid of January all the motivation seems to be going down the drain.

Whether you decide to Work on yourself or not, remember that there is a certain section of the Society who doesn’t believe in only Big Talk. When most are partying and discussing their next big idea, they are quietly working and letting the results do the talk.

Now, it’s up to you…Choose a Team!

What’s your Biggest Goal for 2019 ?

Put it down in the COMMENTS below and let’s help each other out with Advice !

“I Appreciate Your Time”

Sonali The Endless River



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