Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do, so throw off the bowlines, sail away from safe harbor, catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore, Dream, DiscoverMark Twain

We all need someone to look up to. A friend, a Guidance, a Success Story. Welcome to ‘Inspire Me’ a place where we feature Professionals, Artists and Individuals who made their mark in the world by following their heart.  A place where you will find Inspiration to chase your dreams and hear the good & bad experiences of those who have had the courage to do so.

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” I Appreciate your Time “

– Sonali, The Endless River

Originality always Wins

– How a young lady is Empowering Women of all ages 

Renaissance is a Jewellery and Clothing Entrepreneur. She started her journey into the online world at the tender age of 20 and since then has been inspiring women of all ages through her work and passion.

Aspirations require Hard work

– Story of a young woman who got to live her childhood dream

Ayendri is a Professional Model and Actress. She has worked for renowned brands like L’Oréal Professional India, Himalaya, Honor mobiles, etc. Apart for modelling, she has recently stepped into the acting industry and has done some serials and films.

Happiness is Contagious

– Get your Daily dose of Stress Buster from Mr.Funny Bones

Anmol is an artist & a content creator into the comedy genre. He creates a variety of content into the humour genre, from dubs to mashups, from memes to sketch comedy. Anmol strives to spread smiles through his content & is thoroughly enjoying the journey of entertaining audiences.

Follow your Passion no matter what

– how a young man took the path of being a DJ in a world full of cliche professions

Yash Vardhan is from a city which is known for producing the most versatile and promising DJs and Music Producers in the county, Kolkata. Yash started out like most in the Industry started out as an avid lover of music in all forms and today finds himself as one of the city’s most promising Young Artists.

Your Health is your Biggest Asset!

– here’s a 54-year-old Personal Trainer & Life Coach who is breaking all Mental Barriers

Rich Dewees is a 54 year old Life Coach and Spartan Racer. For the past 33 years he had been working as a Pastor. Currently, Rich is working on the launch of his own Human Development Company which will offer Life Coaching, Personal Training and Motivational Speaking.

His purpose is to help as many people as he can to gain Clarity and take Real steps towards Real Goals.

Want to make a career out of your passion in Beauty and Makeup?

– Find out How this Blogger turned YouTuber walked the talk

Khushi Agarwal Founder of Not Only Makeup Blog is passionate about Beauty, Makeup, Fashion, Food and Travel. You can find Product Reviews, DIY’s, Makeup Tutorials, Fashion Posts, Recipes on her blog.

She has recently started her YouTube Channel where she showcases her skill in the broader spectrum. Watch out this Calcutta girl spreading beauty and Happiness much like her name.

Not feeling passionate at work?

– Here is some all-star advice to deal with all kinds of Job performance issues

Mr. Domasky arrived at Inspirational story writing and motivational speaking with a unique background. He is the Author of the several inspirational books and founder of the inspiration sharing company Motivation Champs.  Today, Mr. Domasky shares inspiration around the globe and helps others do the same.

How to be your own Boss?

– Hear it from the Expert’s mouth

Our first Feature artist is an Affiliate Marketer as well as a creatively inclined multipotentialite. Read about his experiences of shifting from a regular 9-5 gig to being a full time Internet Marketer. He also shares exclusive details of his first income.



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