One of the most common things people aspire to be is ‘Successful’ but have you ever wondered why the success rate is so low? Because there is a lot of difference between announcing that you want something and actually putting in Hard Work.

Every year people make a list of New Year Resolutions which hardly last a week. But how about you make some ‘Life Resolutions’ instead? Addressing that topic, here’s a list of Habits that I personally have undertaken and have garnered amazing results.

1. Lack of Procrastination :

I am one of those millions of people who struggle to wake up early in the morning just because I procrastinate. Most of my exams and projects started last minute and I also happen to be the Late Comer in every occasion. While most of these situations are common for all, it took me long enough to understand how my simple small and rather harmless habits of doing things in the last minute was ruining the way I was living life.

Wanting to start my own YouTube channel for more than 2-3 years, the sole purpose which held me back was thinking ‘Maybe tomorrow’ and soon time flew way past than I could ever imagine. Now I take all necessary measures to challenge this habit now and again. The quality of my Work has definitely seen a boost ever since I stopped the attitude of last minutes. And above all I have managed to utilize my Time in the best way possible.

2. Elimination of Excuses & Complaining :

Reasons!! Reasons!! Reasons!! You will always ALWAYS have reasons for not being able to fulfil your duties. Making up reasons isn’t that tough either? But who are you fooling? In the end, it’s Yourself.

Instead of cribbing about the 99% things that are somehow stopping you from reaching your end goal, why not use them as a motivation and push through. Winners never complain about situations being tough, they train and train hard until they make themselves strong enough to fight back. And that attitude is exactly is what all of us need to have and keep.

3. No Laziness :

Well let’s just say, at times laziness stops me from even making a simple call. But work is work and being lazy can wait. I figured that the best way to stop yourself from acting lazy is being in the company of people who are always active. Once your surroundings start to become energetic and work oriented, it becomes almost impossible to not be a part of that tribe.

Nonetheless, the guilt of being the only one lying in bed while others grind takes away the comfort of the warm cosy bed.

4. Self Discipline :

Once you reach a certain position in Life, especially after graduating and entering ‘Real Life’, the biggest struggle is to shed the habit of being spoon fed. Our parents and teachers are no longer responsible for your pending work and neither will they keep poking you about it.

Self Discipline in my eyes is a super power. If you are able to live a routine life and by routine I no way mean a boring or slave life, then you have been able to do what 95% of people never achieve to do in Life. And the 5% that do, are ruling the World.

5. Take Action :

All said and done, if there’s anything that has slowed me down ever in life, it is the fact that I have taken less action and planned too much. Planning is the foundation of anything and everything but what’s the use of all the brainstorming and strategizing if you do not put the techniques to practice.

Planning is also easy because you’re not actually doing something, and thus you cannot fail. Most of us fail to start because of internal fear caused by external factors. All those paper work and research don’t matter if they garner no actual results. Remember that even if you make 99 runs it doesn’t count unless you touch 100. No matter what, you have to hit the winning run.

Above all, I think Consistency matters. Embedding new habits in your Life for a short period of time and again going back to your same old self is very foolish. And I admit of being a fool at times, but acknowledging the fact that these habits have done wonders for me, I gear up and pull myself back into the game again.

I really hope we all have the courage to follow our dreams but more than that I empower you to let go of all that is no longer serving you well.

Have you taken up any good habit in the past? Or are you struggling with something toxic for a long time?



“I Appreciate Your Time”

Sonali The Endless River



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