Back in the Day when I was in school, I used to hang out with the coolest kids, my parents were and are the Best anyone could ask for, I had all the options and the luxuries….But something was missing!

I had a lot of thoughts running inside me which was normal for like kids my age, but I never had the option or the ground to SPEAK to anyone regarding them. Not even my Childhood friends and Companions. For a majority of my School days even though it seemed as though I was having a Gala time, there were frantic storms inside me every now and then. NOBODY HAD A CLUE!

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It was a tough time and now when I look back it was one of my most vulnerable stages. Thank God for the Internet coming into action when I was slowly proceeding towards High School. I was thoughtful enough to look for answers to my inner conflicting questions. Grateful to have a supportive family, I was wise enough to make the right decisions.

I thought that maybe this is how it’s supposed to be, we’re all supposed to FIGURE OUT OURSELVES on our own. Slowly and steady as I built up courage to be more active and voice out my opinions, it became more and more clear to me how a lot of people around me, much like me were also BATTLING with themselves inside.

And…that’s when I started being more and more intrigued with one-one-one interactions and personal confrontations with people. I soon figured out that “WE ARE MORE ALIKE, THAN DIFFERENT” and understood how to actually connect with people. Being a Listener came natural to me as by nature I’m an Introvert. I’ve always been the SILENT OBSERVER in the room. I used to think that was my Drawback but in reality that’s my STRENGTH.

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As I came more and more in terms with myself, it was obvious how many people confided in me. I formed a deep connect with people and gradually earned enough TRUST for them to open up to me. This also made me realize that I was not that bad at giving Advices too. I started training myself to look at things from a TWO POINT PERSPECTIVE and thus was able to paint them a picture of the other side of the table.

You may have heard a popular quote from the movie ‘Titanic’ – “A woman’s heart is a deep ocean of secrets.”

But in reality I feel this quote is applicable for mankind in general. We all have layers of personality and believe me when I say this; you don’t even know yourself. So for anyone else to know and understand you always is out of question. Once you understand this, things will look far simpler.

Why is that we always wait for our loved ones to figure us out? If we ourselves are suffering from something inside of us, no matter how hard it gets…venting out has to be done from our ends. Other people may be able to give you the platform, but it is ultimately you who has to take action.
“Courage”, a word which has deep rooted its meaning in my heart, wasn’t a pleasant journey to experience. Many a times my heart was broken purely because I expected people to nudge things out of me. I was poor at communicating and almost an expert at staying silent.

Better late than never, the Listener inside me dared to find a voice. It is a fact that if you do not speak for yourself, the world will enjoy your speechlessness. Having said that, now I pledge to continue building that bridge of bravery for myself and others. I vow to do everything in my power to make sure no voices are kept unheard.

How to Find Courage?



  • Always remember, you are never alone. Your problem is not unique. There are 7.6 Billion people in the world (2018), there’s a fair chance someone somewhere is or has dealt with the same.


  • We jump to conclusions at the speed of light. Take a step back and consider speaking to someone before solidifying your decisions.


  • Never lose Hope. Everything has a way. Accepting your current situation and coming to terms with the fact that you have to compromise at times, is also a way.


  • Be Flexible. Mould yourself to adapt with Change.


  • Be very particular about the people you decide to spend your time with. Invest your time with the ones having a winning mindset. You are who you hang out with.


Lastly, take the plunge. Our Time on Earth is Finite. Make every second count!

The journey of Sonali in “The Endless River” has been so beautiful and eye opening so far. The amount of personal growth I have undergone cannot be put into words. Others have benefited along with me as I keep getting your feedbacks every now and then.

Now I’m sharing my Journey in the form of Daily Videos through :

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My Motive is to take you along this Adventure of Self Discovery.

Fasten your seatbelts, let the ride begin!

” I Appreciate your Time “

– Sonali, The Endless River

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