I had for my first solo event in Bangalore in July this year (2018). On the day of my event, I attended a session by an association called Sahai. Every month they hold a ‘Depression Support Meet’. I was thankfully in town on that day and made it a point to attend this, an hour before I had to be at my own Event.
I met a lot of new people and understood the Importance of actually speaking out loud about the devils in your heart. Also realized this can only be done in the comfort of people who are going through something of a similar nature or have been there and done that in the past. Basically, people who truly understand the depth of the matter without an ounce of Judgement or Mockery.

After I came back in town, I searched for an event of a similar kind where I can volunteer and help my peers in need. But I couldn’t find anything of that nature. One night when I was reconnecting with a friend over call after a long time, I shared about my search. She gave me the best idea, and told me if I didn’t find one, maybe I should create one. Cause people need it. And thus the seed was planted.

I waited for the right moment, did my ground work and was finally in a position to do this. I put out content in the form of short and long videos, Blogs and Quotes daily. But there is some other beauty and happiness in truly meeting and connecting with people in person. Growing up when I was in the phase of figuring myself out, I was in deep need of a person who truly understood who and how I was in reality. Someone or a few of them who didn’t wanna make me ‘versions’ of how they wanted me to be. But just accept and love me in my true colours.

Over the years I have tried so so hard to fit in, to win everyone, yet I failed most times. Finally understanding the fact that I didn’t love myself enough. I was searching for other people’s acceptance, and when they didn’t, I tried to mould myself as per their likes and dislikes. I see ‘That Me’ in most teenagers and young adults now. We are so hungry for others to love us that we forget to adore and care for ourselves. We sell ourselves short. We start putting real life Filters, paste a Fake smile and hide the truth deep inside.

“Closed Door Event” is a Session where we break free from that ulterior wall we’ve built around us.

A place where we stop being what our Parents want, we stop acting how our Partners love, we stop pretending to like what our Friends like…and get in touch with ourselves.

The First ‘Closed Door Event’ (formerly marketed as ‘Kolkata Meetup’) was a trial to see how this idea was taken by people who have been following my work. We got a pretty good response and people wanted to attend this.

We deliberately had a limited seat count of maximum 10, so every chair holds a Value. We wanted a small circle, yet people who really really needed this. People who I could connect and share my journey with.

The Topic for the Event was ‘Negative Self Talk’. I shared my instances and incident of how I doubted myself over and over again and how I tackle with it now. We all bonded over some very similar and predominant issues like :

  • Parent-Kid conflicts related to Career
  • Attachments and Emotional stress due to Love troubles
  • Tackling Judgement of other people and many more.

My favourite ‘Self Auditing Assessment’ was done where each of us jotted down our Strengths and Weaknesses.

We spoke openly about our insecurities, one of the most personal and weakest things in every human being. And guess what? Somewhere we all found a common ground : All of us were afraid of losing people we Love!

Isn’t it so weird, that our insecurities and weaknesses in our heads sound so crazy? Yet in a room full of strangers, when somewhere you find your pain being shared and experienced by many more, you don’t feel stupid or awkward anymore.

That’s the beauty of the ‘Closed Door Event’

This is a small step to build a Comfort Space for each and every one of you. A place where no one judges or makes fun of anyone. Cause we all come with our hearts full and have deep Empathy for the person sitting next to us.

If you think you can benefit from being a part of such future events, fill in your details HERE : http://bit.ly/ClosedDoorSession

If you feel anyone you know personally or professionally can benefit from this, please help us reach more people and share this Blog within your Circle! A small mention on Social Media would help a lot too!

I plan on having such an event once every month or every two months. The video of the Session will soon be uploaded on YouTube : http://bit.ly/YTEndlessRiver.

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Special Mention to the Key Role players in the Success of our first CDE (Closed Door Event) :

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Gearing up for 2019 in full form, if you decide to stick around we’ll have so many more stories to share along the way!

Being able to be a Listener to someone who desperately needs to be Heard (much like me in High School) gives me Happiness like nothing else.

While most people are driven by Money, I am passionate about building a Community where somehow my Influence, my Experiences (both good & bad) and Work Inspires people to lead a Happier Life not only Externally (social media) but mainly Internally!

I want the World to be witness what miracles Good Parenting and Self Belief can do!


“I Appreciate Your Time”

Sonali The Endless River



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