With the Champions Trophy just started, every Indian Cricket fan got pumped up after a nail-biting India vs Pakistan match this Sunday. The fever of IPL hasn’t even sunk yet and we are ready for more nerve wrecking matches.

When it comes to Cricket, we Indians are the most sensitive people on earth. Almost every ball is analysed and each person has their own style of commentary, be it criticisms or praises. Cricket is considered holy here and there are some very stereotypical cricket fans (myself included) who would go to any extent so as to believe that their actions have some effect on the final verdict of the game.

Here’s a list of those Fans who are not afraid to show off their love for the game.


Fan #1


In a room full of people, there will always be at least one of these types of Fans. Superstitious fan’s have a belief that anything anyone does while the match is live is bound to have an impact on the match. They make it a point to wear the jersey, never miss the toss and make sure that they are stuck to their lucky spot all throughout the match. One cannot argue with these fans, as they might just blame you for the next wicket or state that the catch was missed only cause you jokingly said the Indian Team has bad fielders.

Fan #2


Starting from the Toss to the very last ball, this type of Fan sinks and swims with the Team. Mostly saying things like, “Arrey, kum target hai toh kya hua? Woh wala match bhi toh aise hi jeete the!” and “Bhai tension na le, Dhoni aana abhi baaki hai”. They will always cheer you up even when the Team fails to live up to your expectations. Watching a match with this Fan is a must as even when you lose the match, they will never let you feel like a loser. Cheering you up saying, “Chor na, next match toh jeetna hi hai”, “Yeh utna important match bhi nahi tha”, these fans are filled with utmost positivity and love for their team.

Fan #3


There are always two sides of a coin and much unlike Fan #2, this Fan has already mentally lost the match, sometimes even before a tournament starts. They will suggest anything and everything to be the reason for our loss, starting from the opponent – “Yaar in log k saath toh last wala match bhi har gaye the” to the stadium venue – “Ohho yahan match hai…yahan ka crowd toh bohot hi unsupportive hai”. From the playing eleven – “Arrey isko kyu le liya, kab se form mein nahi hain” to even the date of the match – “Aj toh 13th hain. Aj hi k din humara match hona tha.” Even till the last ball is played, they refuse to accept that their Team is winning.

Fan #4


From the name of this Fan, I am sure every reader has a name or picture of someone in their mind. Each Group has a fan that is called a “Panauti” as they were somehow made to believe that whatever this person does or says comes true. And to top it all, Fan #4 is always saying things like, “India ka toh koi bharosa nahi hai” , “Iss pitch pe kabhi jeete hain kya hum?”, “Aise khelenge toh bhul jao trophy”, “Isi liye match nahi dekhna chahiye”…so on and so forth. Every word this fan says is treated like a curse and most of the times they are not even allowed to watch the match or even enter the room.

Fan #5


The most entertaining Fan of them all is Fan #5 – “The Hot Head”.  This fan has a never ending vocabulary of “gaalis” and comments that keep the other fans always entertained. Saying things like “Sara concentration fairness ads pe hi dena hai toh cheerleader ban ja”, “Look kya de raha hai yeh #%@^& , pichle baar ki tarah iss bar bhi tumko nikalenge hum”. Their comments have no end even 1 -2 days after the match and they can immediately jump back into that zone the moment someone pinches them. Watching the game with them is sure to grab some complaints from your neighbours and you might wanna keep the remote or anything valuable aside.

Fan #6


The Expert is a type of fan who knows more about the game than the players themselves. They have their take on everything from the Line up to the Strategy, the bowling action to acting like a third umpire. Apart for that they have an extensive knowledge about all past matches and players and will commonly be seen saying – “Isliye Saurav will always be the best captain” , “Sachin k iss shot kit oh baat hi alag thi”, “Sab Dhoni ki tarah itne cool headed thodi hai”. When the team is seen losing the match, they might even end up stating that all matches are fixed and that sports has now become a business.

Fan #7


As the name suggests, Fan #7 is always looking for reasons to keep munching something or the other, blaming this habit on the condition of the match. This kind of Fan makes sure there is enough beer and popcorn for everyone in the room, who are solely concentrating on the game. The Foodie is surrounded by chunks of food wrappers, glasses and typically chooses to sit near the kitchen or the fridge. Whether you lose or you win, they will make sure that you are never left with a hungry tummy.

We have reached the end of the list. Comment below on which type of Fan you think you are. Not to mention, that one person can be more than one type of Fan. Don’t forget to Tag your friends who fall under any of these categories and Share this post !!



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