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A place where we Feature Professionals, Artists and Individuals who made their mark in the world by following their heart.  A place where you will find Inspiration to chase your dreams and hear the good & bad experiences of those who have had the courage to do so.


Dominick Domasky

Mr. Domasky arrived at Inspirational story writing and motivational speaking with a unique background. He is the Author of the several inspirational books and founder of the inspiration sharing company Motivation Champs.  Today, Mr. Domasky shares inspiration around the globe and helps others do the same.


PRODUCTIVE vs BUSY Showing up at work each day, I see disappointed faces in each desk. People cribbing about their Jobs, complaining about their life and their wasted weekend plans. Since, when did we become all the people we keep bad mouthing about? Ever since we...

Signs that you are Failing as a Boss

According to an Annual Global Survey almost half the population of the World i.e. 48% of employees are unhappy at their current Jobs. As an Employer, that number should be enough to get you looking for your thinking cap. Both the Goodwill and Turnover of a company...


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